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Seattle Police Foundation Supports Top-Notch INTERPOL Officer

My ID Club

For close to two decades, the nonprofit MY ID CLUB has been providing free photo identification cards to children. These cards are of invaluable assistance when a child goes missing. One of the organizations that MY ID CLUB has worked with is the Seattle Police Foundation (SPF).

SPF aims to promote public safety by helping the Seattle Police Department (SPD) further the professional development of its employees through fund sourcing. The foundation also engages in community collaborations that encourage citizens to participate in making Seattle safer.

One of SPF’s recent initiatives was its support of SPD Detective Bob Shilling. He led INTERPOL’s Crimes Against Children group from 2012 to 2015.Detective Shilling was offered the prestigious position due to his track record of apprehending notorious sex offenders and for co-authoring various child protection laws.

The City of Seattle was paying Detective Shilling’s salary and benefits, but he needed funding for his living expenses while he was on international assignment with INTERPOL. This sum ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. SPF came forward to raise the needed amount.


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